About Me

I wish I could say as long I can remember I wanted to be a photographer, but the first thing I wanted to be was a scientist with those funky over sized white coats sitting over those long tables mixing cool looking liquids . Well that’s at least what I thought scientists were all about when I was little,  as I got older I always had a disposable camera with me specially when I went to shows. I loved capturing the movements and emotions. I remember running to the store to get those pictures developed and the joy I would get going through them.  I was determined to become a bands photographer. Through my journey of many photography jobs I fell even more in love with it, from all the stories and  images my fellow photographers would share. The only thing was I didn’t want to be one kind of a photographer, I wanted to shoot everything and why not? Every session brings different creativeness that inspires into other shoots. I didn’t want to limit myself to just weddings or just babies. I love shooting people. I’m a people photographer. Every session I have I treat it with such care because since the digital age it has become so easy to become a photographer so I don’t ever take it for granted. I also always will go in with a vision , I believe that’s what differentiates professional from amateurs . I never go in to a shoot and click away hoping to get something good , I go in with an idea , a vision knowing what I want. This leads to quality over quantity , you will never get 300  images from me from a session where maybe a few are good. You will get around 15-30 depending which session you choose. Which all those image are different and beautiful and all this work has been put into it that you will see right away. I want to create art not just press the shutter without thinking I want to make you see the beauty through my eyes. I love what I do and I always leave a session having that client be more then that, but a friend .  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site


Smiles ^_^